About Robert Raines

I enjoy

  • Building and leading technical teams as a compassionate servant leader.
  • Evaluating and negotiating with technology vendors with laser focus on ROI.
  • Data engineering from design to development, especially on wildly heterogeneous data.
  • Balancing mission against security across policy, architecture, and end users systems.
  • Teaching and mentoring

I've been fortunate enough to

  • Build engineering and internal technology teams from scratch to over 15 engineers, both internationally and domestically
  • Guide a startup's technology team from seed through series B.
  • Guest lectured at George Mason on law and policy for big data.
  • Data engineering, systems and security architecture, and AWS cloud integration for the US Intelligence Community.
  • Extensive international travel for work and fun.

I value

  • Humility and openness to feedback leading to personal growth.
  • Building and working in diverse teams.
  • Working through challenges to establish productive, stable relationships.
  • I strive always to be kind, honest, and fair.